Hybrid Services

Boulder Hybrids works on any Hybrid or EV (electric vehicle). This includes cars such as Toyota Prius & Prius Prime, Camry Hybrid, Highlander Hybrid, RAV4 EV, Rav Hybrid & Prime, Honda Insight, Civic Hybrid, Accord Hybrid, Lexus CT200h, 400 & 450h,  Ford Escape Hybrid, Fusion Hybrid, Nissan Altima Hybrid, Leaf, Chevrolet Volt & Bolt, and the Tesla Model S, 3, X & Y. As more Hybrids and EV’s come on the market we will be happy to service and maintain them for you.

We use original, aftermarket, and recycled parts depending on your vehicle requirements and your budget.

Full List of Services:

  • Other Services

    Other Services

    Have unique/special request? We can eliminate “the reverse beep,” customize door lock features, install a block heater, change your cloth...

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  • Specialty Items

    Specialty Items

    Camping tents for Prius Receiver hitch for bike racks and small trailers Suspension upgrades Seat Heaters Radio Upgrades, iPod/SmartPhone integration...

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  • Dings and Dents?

    Dings and Dents?

    Living in Colorado packs its own variety of challenges for car bodies. From parking lot dings and dents to flying...

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  • 2nd Opinions / Pre-Purchase Inspections

    2nd Opinions / Pre-Purchase Inspections

    Did you get an estimate from the dealer or another shop that doesn’t feel right? Contact us for an expert...

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  • Emergency Service

    Emergency Service

    Lost your keys/fob?  Warning lights on the dash not sure what to do? Even if it is after normal business...

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  • Plugin Upgrades

    Plugin Upgrades

    If you are ready to take your hybrid to the next level make a reservation to upgrade your vehicle to...

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  • Bluetooth and Radio Installation

    Bluetooth and Radio Installation

    Make a reservation to have your bluetooth wireless phone installed or upgrade your in-dash radio by our skilled service staff....

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  • Tires, Brakes, and Alignment

    Tires, Brakes, and Alignment

    We sell and install All Season tires and Snow Tires and do brake work. We can also program and repair...

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  • Headlight and Bulb Replacement

    Headlight and Bulb Replacement

    Need bulbs and/or headlights worked on? We stock all popular bulb sizes and can even upgrade your dim old halogen...

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  • Windshield and Glass Replacement

    Windshield and Glass Replacement

    Have a cracked/broken windshield or door glass? Let us help. We can usually get replacement glass for your car in...

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  • Hybrid Batteries / 12V Batteries

    Hybrid Batteries / 12V Batteries

    Having battery trouble? We have many replacement batteries in stock for Honda, Insight, Prius, Lexus and Toyota cars and SUV's.  Let us repair...

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  • Preventative Maintenance

    Preventative Maintenance

    Our years of Hybrid experience means we know what typically fails on cars like the Toyota Prius as they age....

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